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PUR (PIR) + rock wool small corrugated wall panel

PUR (PIR) + rock wool small corrugated wall panel

Product description

Rock wool sandwich panel advantages


1. Excellent fire performance: The raw materials, production process and formula used in the rock wool sandwich panel make it have good fire performance, and the fire rating is A level.


2. Good thermal insulation: The thermal insulation performance of the rock wool sandwich panel is based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool = 0.043W / m.K, and is calculated based on the thickness of the rock wool core material in the corresponding proportion.


3. The effect of sound absorption and heat insulation is remarkable: the rock wool sandwich panel has a significant reduction effect on noise transmission, and is especially suitable for places where designated flights pass by. In addition, after using the rock wool roof panel, the impact of rain and hail on the roof steel plate of the building caused the indoor sound, which was also significantly reduced.


It is widely used in power plants, smelting, petrochemical, boiler rooms and other buildings with high fire protection requirements.

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