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PUR (PIR) + glass wool roofing

PUR (PIR) + glass wool roofing

Product description

The glass fiber sandwich panel is composed of two layers of upper and lower color profiled steel plates through the combination of keel and glass wool, and is divided into two types: roofing panels and wall panels.


1. The glass wool sandwich panel has high closed cell rate and excellent energy-saving effect.


2. Green and environmental protection, no formaldehyde, one-time investment, continuous saving.


3. Unique plug interface design, tight plug interface, no steel plate heat conduction, stronger ability to resist negative wind pressure.


4. No cold bridge, high rigidity, good flatness, glass wool A-grade non-combustible.


5. Polyurethane side seals on both sides block the core material from absorbing water and extend the service life.


6. Good fire resistance, suitable for large public buildings, suitable for wall and roof protection on large public buildings, industrial plants and other buildings.


Density: glass wool 8-20 kg / m3


Thickness: 50-150mm


Width: 950 / 1150mm


Length: can be customized


The thickness of the color steel plate: 0.2-0.65mm


The color of the color steel plate can be customized

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