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V-950 plug-in wall composite board (rock wool)

V-950 plug-in wall composite board (rock wool)

Product description

Pressed color steel rock wool sandwich composite board: it is a color steel plate as the surface layer, and rock wool, fireproof, flame retardant thermal insulation material as the core building material. It has the characteristics of light weight, good heat insulation, good sound absorption and sealing, convenient construction, short cycle, low comprehensive cost, bending resistance, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for the enclosure of the roof and wall of the steel structure factory.




1. Good fire performance:


The color steel rock wool composite board product is A grade fireproof board.


2. Insulation of color steel rock wool composite board:


Thermal conductivity λ≤rock wool 0.044w / m.k


3. Long service life of color steel rock wool composite board:


The preservation period of the color steel plate anticorrosion layer is 10-15 years, and that of the color aluminum-plated zinc plate is 30-45 years;


4. Flexible installation of color steel rock wool composite board:


The width of the sandwich panel is 950 type, 1150 type, the surface layer can be compressed and non-compressed, the length is fixed to produce, the construction period is short, and the overall cost is low;


5. Scope of color steel rock wool composite board:


Purification engineering, ships, food, air conditioning, workshops, boiler rooms, floors, mobile homes, cold storage, warehouses, office partitions, sound insulation, etc.

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