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Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other components made of section steel and steel plate, and adopts silanization, pure manganese phosphating, washing and drying, galvanizing and other rust removal and rust prevention processes. The components or parts are usually connected by welds, bolts or rivets. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large factories, venues, super high-rise and other fields. Steel structure is easy to rust, general steel structure to rust, galvanized or paint, and to regular maintenance.


How to improve the overall structure of the grid?

1. the integral lifting of the grid frame, lifting equipment can be installed on the structure to lift the grid frame, and the grid frame can also be lifted while the column sliding form is constructed. At this time, the grid frame can be used as a lifting platform. 2. the load capacity of the lifting equipment, the rated load capacity shall be multiplied by the reduction coefficient, and the through-core hydraulic jack may be 0.5-0.6. The electric screw plate lifting machine may be 0.7-0.8; Other equipment shall be determined through tests. Synchronization shall be ensured when lifting the 3. grid. The allowable lift difference between two adjacent lifting points and the highest and lowest two points shall be determined by checking calculation. Allowable lift difference between two adjacent lifting points: when the lifting trigger is used, it should be adjacent.


How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of color steel plate? Only 5 strokes!

1: Observe the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the coating. The color steel plate is composed of a substrate and a colored peritoneum or coating. We first have to consider the thickness of the substrate and peritoneal coating, the better color steel plate substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, the film or coating thickness is often only 0.15mm. Because from the point of view of the use of color steel plate, the thickness of the substrate is very important. And some production of color steel plate manufacturers often in the substrate and color steel plate coating or film on the hands and feet, they reduce the thickness of the substrate, but increase the thickness of the peritoneal membrane to reduce the production cost of color steel plate, which greatly reduces the service life of the color steel plate


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