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What kind of structure system does multilayer steel structure building project have?

2019/03/08 16:41

In contrast to single-story steel structures, wind loads (and seismic loads) on multi-story steel structures become more and more important as the height of the building increases. Therefore, how to bear the horizontal force effectively is an important problem to consider the structure composition of the multi-storey steel structure building. Under the action of the wind, there should be not only enough carrying capacity, but also enough stiffness, so that the top several floors do not have too much sway, giving people an uncomfortable feeling.

The composition of the multi-storey steel structure house has the following main systems:

(1) rigid frame structure

The multi-layer multi-span rigid frame is composed of beam and column to bear the horizontal load. Under the action of horizontal load, this structure not only has the overall lateral displacement of the cantilever beam, but also has the displacement caused by the interlayer shear force, so the deformation is relatively large. It can be used for no more than 20-30 floors. A rigid connection shall be made between the beam and the column. When the number of layers does not exceed 10-15, semi-rigid connections may also be considered.

(2) structure with support

A vertical cantilever truss is formed by setting an inclined brace between two columns. The capacity of bearing horizontal load is higher than that of the rigid frame structure. This structure is suitable for 20-45 floors and allows for flexible, semi-rigid or rigid connections between beams and columns.

(3) cylindrical structure

The steel structure houses with more than 60 floors adopt the tubular structure which is more economical. All the four sides around the houses are composed of frames, forming a space truss system with large rigidity. This structure has been used effectively for the towering 110-story houses. Canister structure can also be set up without diagonal support, and in the four sides around the columns are arranged more closely, forming a space rigid frame type cylinder body. It can be up to 80 stories high.

The inner tube of the cylindrical structure can also be made by using the elevator shaft, which can bear the horizontal force together with the outer tube, while the other columns in the middle can only bear the vertical load.

(4) suspension structure

This system USES the inner tube located in the center of the building to bear all gravity and horizontal load. There are overhanging trusses on the top of the barrel, and the floor plates are hung on the analysis rack with high-strength steel pull rods. After the completion of the inner tube can be used to lift the steel structure, the whole project period is shorter.