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Steel structure company tell you what are the technical requirements for steel structure installation?

2019/03/08 16:38

Steel structure is composed of steel material structure, is one of the main building structure types. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plates. Due to its light weight and simple construction, northeast steel structure production and installation company is widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rise buildings and other fields.

1. Before the installation of the steel structure, all kinds of records and reports such as the factory qualification certificate of the components, material experiment report and non-destructive inspection side report of the welding seams should be checked. The appearance of the components should be checked to see if they meet the design requirements.

2. Draw the installation flow chart of the steel structure and install according to the flow chart. Before installation, check the embedded accuracy of all anchor bolts, and correct them in time when the spatial position and the design drawing are found out, so as to ensure the accuracy of anchor bolts.

3. The installation sequence of components should be carefully designed to form a rigid body as soon as possible, so as to continue the installation and maintain a stable state, and to facilitate the elimination of errors in the installation of steel structures

4. Necessary checking calculation should be carried out for the lifting of components, and measures should be taken to prevent distortion and damage of components with small lateral stiffness.

5. During the installation of columns or steel structures, beams and supports should be installed in a timely manner, and cables and wind ropes should be added for temporary fixation when necessary.

6. The installation of the steel column should pay attention to control the influence of temperature difference on the perpendicularity of the component. The side quantity should be adjusted according to the perpendicularity of the standard column determined first, and the other columns should be reviewed.

7. When the column is installed, the positioning axis of each column must be directly led up from the control axis of the ground, and the axis of the top of the next column shall not be used as the positioning axis of the last column

8. The welding environment at the installation site of steel structure, the welding position and the operation at the height, and the adverse influence of air temperature and humidity on the cables are very easy to produce weld defects, so it is necessary to take corresponding measures to overcome the influence of these adverse factors. The unqualified weld shall not be reworked or repaired more than twice.

9. Torque wrenches used for high-strength bolts must be calibrated and calibrated before use, and should be calibrated after use. Once it is found that the calibration torque error exceeds the allowable range, the screw bolts applied to such wrenches are unqualified.

The high strength bolt should be inspected after the final twist, and the nut can be knocked one by one with a small hammer. Torque should also be tested at random

10. After the installation of the steel structure is completed and the correction is correct, the gap between the bottom plate of the column and the top surface of the foundation shall be grouting again in time to make the bottom plate and the top surface of the foundation contact with the top

11. The entire steel structure shall be checked and accepted according to the "code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structure engineering" (GB 50205-2001) after installation.