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Considerable prospect of steel structure engineering

2019/03/08 16:29

Because now use the advantages of steel structure, steel structure engineering in our country at present has been engaged in development, general steel structure engineering economic performance has been the subject of attention, how to control the steel structure engineering cost, give full play to the excellent performance and advantages of steel structure engineering, is a critical stage in the development of steel structure engineering.

Steel structure engineering development in our country already has a long history, at the time of natural disasters, steel structure building play an irreplaceable role, highlighted the advantages of steel structure engineering is also very good, but the steel structure has the characteristics of high cost compared with traditional buildings, the steel structure industry would do well to balance the conflict between economic performance and operational performance, to make the steel structure project has a strong vitality, steel structure building for modern people's life, is no longer cold building, but a warm and comfortable home, bearing the weight of the joys and sorrows of life in a building, It brings a sense of security to people who live in the fast pace of modern life.

The government strongly encourages the development of steel structure engineering, although the cost of steel structure engineering will be higher than traditional housing, but the construction period is short, fast, can save a lot of labor, we are not difficult to see, the future development of steel structure engineering road must be considerable.

Shenyang jianwei steel structure engineering co., ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale construction steel structure enterprise, which includes the general contracting of construction projects; Professional steel structure design, manufacturing, installation and corresponding decoration decoration, with the ministry of construction issued by the national steel structure installation of grade a qualification, steel structure special design grade a qualification and China steel structure association issued by the production of grade a qualification. The company was founded in 1999, the registered capital of the company is 15 million yuan. The total assets of the company are RMB 280 million and the annual output value is RMB 300 million. The company is a sino-foreign joint venture, and its shareholders are shenyang jianwei industrial co., LTD and China (Hong Kong) construction steel structure engineering co., LTD. Company now employees nearly 780 people, of which nearly 140 people, managers and senior management personnel above 46 people, master degree or above in 4 people, 3 senior accountants, senior engineer 4 people, professor engineer 1 person, 1 doctoral student, 1st class registered structural division 2, 1 1st class registered architect, registered cost division 1, 17 associate constructor, college degree or above 100%. Especially in the field has 3 d3s STeel structure design, X - STeel, and other international well-known software, is in the domestic first-class level in the figure, design, technical support and other American VP company technical support to make the company in terms of light STeel in the STeel quantity and optimization design in the international leading position, at the same time the company has nearly 30 project managers at all levels, multiple projects get the national award.