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How to improve the overall structure of the grid?

2019/03/08 16:27

1, the overall lifting of the frame can be installed on the structure of the lifting equipment to lift the frame, also can be carried out in the construction of column sliding mode at the same time to lift the frame, at this time the frame can be used as a lifting platform.

2. In order to improve the load capacity of the equipment, the rated load capacity shall be multiplied by the reduction factor. Electric screw plate lifter can be 0.7-0.8; Other equipment is determined by testing.

Three, the network frame lifting should be guaranteed to achieve synchronization. The allowable lift difference between two adjacent lifting points and the two highest and lowest lifting points shall be determined by checking calculation. The allowable lift difference between two adjacent lifting points: when the lift trigger is used, it should be 1/400 of the distance between the adjacent points, and should not be greater than 15mm; When a piercing hydraulic jack is used, it shall be 1/250 of the adjacent distance and shall not be greater than 25mm. The allowable lift difference between the highest point and the lowest point shall be 35mm when a plate lifter is used and 50mm when a piercing hydraulic jack is used.

4. The resultant point of lifting equipment should be aligned with the lifting point, and the allowable deviation value should be 10mm.

Five, the overall lifting method of the lower support column should be carried out stability check.

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