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How to distinguish the pros and cons of color steel plate? Just 5 moves!

2019/03/08 16:24

1: observe the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the laminating film

Color steel plate is composed of substrate and color peritoneum or coating. We first have to consider the thickness of the substrate and peritoneal coating, the better color steel plate substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, coated film or coating thickness often only 0.15mm below. Because from the influence of color steel plate use time, the thickness of the substrate is very important. And the manufacturer of some production color steel plate often is in abatement board and color steel plate coating or on laminating cheat, they reduce the thickness of abatement plate, but increase the thickness of peritoneal layer to reduce the production cost of color steel plate, this greatly reduced the service life of color steel plate.

2: observe the leakage edge of color steel plate

Get a color steel plate, I first observe the color steel plate exposed steel such as section whether crystal fine, whether gray, dark and impurities. If the cut surface is crystal fine type is superior quality.

3: listen to the sound

With fingers or with a hard object percussion color steel plate, color steel plate material if poor, then the sound is stuffy, metal sound is not obvious, the material of a better color steel plate metal sound is relatively loud, clear.

4: check the quality certificate of color steel plate

Are there inspection standards from relevant departments? If possible, try to color steel plate manufacturers field visit. See the environment of the enterprise how, whether formal. The market to inquire about the reputation of this enterprise.

5: look at the price

You get what you pay for. When we compare the quality of color steel plate, the price is on the one hand, but also do not pay too much attention to the price. If the price of a color steel plate is not much lower than that of others, we should pay attention to it.