Project name: Jihang three generation military aircraft maintenance production line construction project
Project location: Jihang Factory Area, No.20 Shuangji Street, Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin City
Scope of Party B's contract: 82# and 83# grid works within the scope of the construction diagram.
Contract content: including but not limited to all steel member fabrication (including on-site and off-site fabrication), transportation (including on-site and off-site transportation), hoisting (lifting machinery and labor except tower crane, however, it includes structural reinforcement required for hoisting, temporary road reinforcement, etc.), in place, installation, connection and welding of main structure reinforcement and steel structure, secondary grouting materials and construction, paint, fire-proof paint (including fire-fighting acceptance), drawing deepening design, various inspection and testing, flaw detection, rush work, construction scheme demonstration, safe and civilized construction, etc.